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Venomized (Drum Kit)

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With every sound feeling like a bite from a snake, we bring you one of the harder-hitting drum kits we've had in a while! Introducing Venomized designed and created by Adrian Adder.

Perfect for Trap Metal, Dark Trap, Shadow Trap, Grunge/Punk, Hyperpop, Ragecore, Underground Trap, Industrial, Emo Trap. This Kit has every spicy sound you need to create beats in the style of City Morgue, Scarlxrd, Prxjek, $uicideBoy$, and many more.

Kit Contents

  • 52 - 808
  • 17 - Clap
  • 35 - FX
  • 24 - Hi hats
  • 15 - Kicks
  • 9 - Open Hats
  • 14 - Perc
  • 21 - Snares


TopSounds was my go to kit store when I first started making beats in 2017, fastforward to